Best California Surfing Beaches: Spots to Surf

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Ever since sensational surfing moved from Hawaii more than a century ago, California has been a world hotspot for riding the waves, with or without the Beach Boys.

So here’s six of the absolute very best California Surfing Beaches:

  • Malibu – Los Angeles
  • Rincon – Santa Barbara
  • Huntingdon – Huntingdon Beach
  • Trestles – San Clemente
  • Mavericks – Half Moon Bay
  • Blacks Beach – San Diego

Malibu – Los Angeles

This haven for celebrity beach homes also offers slower and smaller breaks ideal for longboarders – largely thanks to their ‘epic wave’. It’s a wonderful place to ride those waves for people of all ages.

Rincon – Santa Barbara

The Cove, Rivermouth and Indicators offer three thrilling breaks on the border of the Ventura and Santa Barbara county line. Famous surfers Tom Curran and Bobby Martinez were discovered here. It’s perfect for getting rubber legs!

Huntingdon – Huntingdon Beach

It’s colourful with a wonderfully atmospheric backdrop, often known as a bikini paradise and of course, ‘Surf City USA.’ It’s also home to the annual World Surfing Championships and the perfect surfing wave. In short – surfing heaven.

Trestles – San Clemente

There’s a fabulous long, stretching beach here at the mouth of San Mateo Creek in Southern California. With its uppers, lowers and sand bars, Trestles is also the place for those excellent World Tour events and the NSSA Nationals.

Mavericks – Half Moon Bay

Situated in Northern California, there’s a well known cold water break at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, and it’s particularly popular during the winter months. In fact, this is a magnet for the big-wave riders determined to test the limit of their abilities.

Blacks Beach – San Diego

Thanks to an underwater canyon, surfers can enjoy some extremely powerful waves at the Blacks Beach in San Diego, which is why the area is isn’t recommended for beginners. It’s certainly testing but a hugely enjoyable spot for the surfing fraternity.

Surfing really doesn’t get much better than this – charismatic California simply can’t be beaten.

Photo by Terrell Woods

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