American Bald Eagle Filmed Swimming in New Hampshire

DailyStoke Team

A bald eagle is a fortunate sighting in the United States in just about any scenario, but onlookers in New Hampshire spotted one such great bird swimming in their waters.

Construction worker Tyler Blake shot the footage after spotting the eagle in the water near the shore of Wolfeboro on his way into work. WMUR9 ABC shared the rare footage.

Blake spoke to WMUR9 (via NPR) and described his sighting: “I ran down to the docks and I saw an eagle flapping in the water. I’m, like, ‘Wow!’ I wasn’t sure if it was hurt or something.”

However, eagle researcher Jim Watson explained the occurrence isn’t that uncommon. He suggested the eagle could have had a big catch in his clutches that he wasn’t willing to let go, or that an unsuccessful dive-bomb into the water meant his feathers were too drenched to fly.

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