4 Health Benefits of Kayaking

DailyStoke Team

Kayaking provides a wide range of benefits compared to other sports. When gliding through the water, zipping down across rapids, and admiring the surrounding scenery, you will experience great entertainment. Beyond the entertainment and thrill, kayaking also creates a workout variation.

Engaging in kayaking often provides the following benefits that are guaranteed to improve your overall health as well.

  1. Heart Health

Kayaking is an aerobic sport, and as such, it enhances the health of the heart because it also requires exercise for optimal health just like other body parts. The heart is the one muscle in the body that is always running even during rest and sleep. Kayaking involves continuous paddling, which has the effect of increasing the heart rate, thereby improving cardiovascular health.

  1. Upper Body Workout

When kayaking, the main muscle groups used to move forward are arms, shoulders, and back. On average, each mile kayaking requires about 500 strokes, and every stroke stimulates the upper body muscles. As such, with time, there is a significant growth of upper body muscles.

  1. Stress Reduction

Kayaking is significantly therapeutic. Engaging in the sport at least a few hours per week is a sure way to reduce your stress levels. Using your muscles to cut through the water and watching the great natural scenery while reflecting on life offers a great antidote to all kinds of stress and personal problems. Whereas kayaking requires a lot of muscle movement, it also provides a very rewarding and relaxing experience.

  1. A Clear and Happy Mind

Regular kayaking also has the effect of improving overall mental health. The improvement comes about because kayaking is an aerobic exercise that releases chemicals responsible for boosting confidence and good moods in the brain. Paddling through the river or lake clears the mind of negative thoughts and improves general happiness and well-being.

Photo by Filip Mroz

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