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3 Top Yacht Sailing Races in the World

DailyStoke Team

A yacht sailing race is a prestigious sport whereby a given number of yachts race each other in direct competition. The racing happens either around a buoy-marked course or in the open waters with a start and finish line for longer distances.

The following are the three top yacht sailing races in the world:

Cowes Week

Since this yacht sailing race began in 1826, it has had over 1000 yachts and 8000 competitors, making it the longest-running and most successful sporting event in the UK. It is usually held annually in August, and it was only during summers of the two world wars that the compensation did not take place. Due to the historical significance of the Cowes Week, it attracts an audience of high repute such as the British and foreign royalty.

Vendee Globe

The Vendee Globe is the other top sailing event whereby participants race with each other round-the-world. It is a unique sailing event because unlike the rest, it involves a solo participant for each yacht without any assistance and runs non-stop. The event began in 1989, and in 1992 the founders decided that it would take place every four years. The most recent Vendee Globe sailing race took place in 2016. The participants for each race go through a rigorous vetting because it is an extreme test of an individual’s endurance.

Volvo Ocean Race

Founded in 1973, the Volvo Ocean Race also involves sailing around the world. However, it is held more frequently than the Vendee Globe because it takes place every three years. Typically, the race begins with a departure from Europe in October, and after racing across the world, it ends back in Europe. The most recent Volvo Ocean Race event took place in the years 2017-2018.

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