2019 Surf City Surf Dog Championships Gets Underway at Huntington Beach

DailyStoke Team

The grooviest selection of maritime mutts will compete at Huntington Dog Beach, California, on Saturday when the 2019 Surf City Surf Dog Championships will take place.

One of surfing’s meccas in the United States, Huntington Beach will again serve as the perfect location for an event that should be fixed on the calendar of any dog lover.

A lot of attention will again fall upon Skyler Valentine Henard, a Queensland Heeler who won the dog/human tandem event in 2017 and has silver medals in the large and shredder categories.

Dogs compete across a total of seven categories and catch waves clad in fluorescent life vests that only make the whole thing that much more adorable. And wildly hypnotic.

You have a duty to attend if you’re in the area and at least a small obligation if within driving distance.

Visit SurfDogEvents.com for more information on Surf City and other dog surfing events taking place in the United States.

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